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“I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and special “Thank You” to your nursing staff (Melissa and Tiffany) for the excellent care they provided as I recuperated from colon resection surgery earlier this spring/summer.
My husband and I both felt truly blessed to have received nursing care services from two very dedicated, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and caring nurses. We felt comfortable for them to come into our home three times a week to care for me. They were very respectful of our home environment and took extra caution to make sure all of their supplies were stored properly when finishing the care of my incision.  They not only cared for my incision but assessed my vitals very carefully to make sure I was recuperating without any other health issues getting in the way. They really took care of me as a “whole person” not just someone needing a specific nursing service.
I had Melissa in school so it was fantastic to reconnect and spend a few moments reminiscing during her visits to my home. Jack and I had not known Tiffany but we enjoyed hearing about her “country life” and were able to give her a few pointers on her garden and livestock.
Jack and I would recommend Mobile Nursing Services and especially Melissa and Tiffany to anyone that would need home health nursing services. 
I am so thankful to have had Melissa and Tiffany and want to express a very special “THANK YOU” to two wonderful caring nurses. I am making a great recovery and owe that to the expert care they provided.”

M. W.



…My team here will miss Jack but we all have encouraged him to move. The most tireless member of our team is not even an University employee but is the local home care nurse(Jennifer) who provides extraordinary care. In fact she is arguably the best HHC nurse I have worked with in my 25 year career as a geriatric specialist. I admit that if it wasn’t for her care Jack would have had several medical calamities and admissions which would have compelled him to move much earlier.”



“Thank you so much for your help. 
The girls were so kind and made my days so much easier for me.”


“Mobile Nursing has been taking care of my Daughter for a year and a half now. Our nurse is always on time, always calls. She is very polite and caring. I am very thankful to have such a service in this area. We need Mobile Nursing. They understand special needs. It has helped my Daughter tremendously. I have reassurance from her Nurse. I worry less.”


“I have wonderful girls. You couldn’t ask for any better! They are the best I have ever had. I wouldn’t trade them for a million! The Nurses are so nice and really look me over at each visit. They are wonderful people. Mobile is wonderful! I can say nothing bad about Mobile. They also took care of my Mom sixteen years ago!”


“I really get the help I need. I like all the Home Health Aides. I get the help when I need it. Nursing is always there when I need them. Mobile Nursing is a wonderful organization.”


“Sue’s mother F.N. lived at the Kensington here in Fort Madison for many years. During that period of time Mobile Nursing Services, Ltd. provided essential care to F. including helping her get dressed in the mornings, taking her to all meals, and helping her get ready for bed in the evening. Mobile Nursing Services also saw to her hygienic needs and saw that she was always bathed and well dressed. Generally you looked after her health and welfare. We appreciate very much all of the assistance that you and your staff rendered. We found it to the highest quality - your employees went that “extra mile” to be friendly to F. and to satisfy her emotional and psychological needs as well as taking care of assigned tasks.

Thank you so much for all of your help. Your professionalism and caring was very much appreciated.”
D. & S. F.


“Please show what follows to any of your prospective out-of-town clients so that whatever fears they may have regarding the placement of their loved one(s) in the care of Mobile Nursing Services will be allayed.

As you know, Aunt Betty's only meaningful remaining family all live here in Arizona. Rather than join us here when Uncle Dick died, she chose to remain in Fort Madison where her friends of fifty years still resided. In her mid-eighties, Aunt Betty needed to have her gall bladder removed. When she returned home from the hospital and needed convalescent care Mobile Nursing Services came to the rescue under Medicare. When Medicare payments ran out, we retained Mobile's services on a private basis. Mobile and its services have been a Godsend ever since.

The companions whom Mobile has provided round the clock for Aunt Betty have always been mature, responsible, reliable and caring individuals. Moreover without my having to request it, Mobile has consistently chosen those women who were thought to fit Aunt Betty's needs best. And so they have proved. In the five years that Aunt Betty has had Mobile's services I have never once heard her complain about a single one of those companions. Their professional conduct, in my judgment, has been above reproach. In the one instance where a companion failed to maintain her professionalism, she was immediately dismissed and replaced without either Aunt Betty's or my having to request it.

I too, have had no occasion to register a single complaint with the agency. I visit my aunt twice and, sometimes thrice a year for several days at each visit. Between visits, I can count on Mobile to keep me informed by telephone of anything I need to know about changes in Aunt Betty's condition. When changes in medication or personnel are necessary, Mobile is always careful to consult with me beforehand.

I have been altogether pleased with Mobile's care and services. You can be sure that, in their hands, your loved one(s) will be well and lovingly looked after. I am happy, therefore, to commend them to you without reservation in the certain knowledge that you will be equally as pleased with their services as Aunt Betty and I have been.”


“Words cannot express how much I appreciate the loving care you have given my mother, for the last five years. Without all of you, I would have been forced to move her to a nursing home years ago.
You have all been my friends too, and I will miss you.”


“Thank you for your care you have given to this patient. Enclosed is the discharge summary for your records. A copy of this discharge has been sent to Dr. M. as well as the patient.
It was a pleasure to work with your agency once again. We hope to be able to work together again in the future.”
D.I., RN


I hear that your organization is going to honor some of the employees with 5 or more years of service with you. …as you know B. is very precious to us and we have done everything in our power to keep him healthy, safe and happy. We expect the same kind of care from the nurses and these two (E. & A.)have given very good and loving care. We both believe that they genuinely care about B., his health and the kind care that he receives. …very fine LPNs working in the home at this time and I think that they are better trained when they are trained by the LPNs already in the home. They know both B. and my quirks. 
We have enjoyed our association with Mobile for the past many years…  Whenever friends or family has been to the house whenever I have not been there, they say that they are impressed by the care B. is receiving not only from A. and E. but from all the nurses. So Susan give yourself a pat on the back for picking the best to take care of B. We appreciate it.”

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